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Rotunda Campaign for STEAM Education

At our most fundamental core, we exist as a school to prepare our students for their lives and careers. It’s in our name, Rutgers Preparatory School. And our students have made it clear through their class choices and college majors that a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) education is more than an add-on, it’s a necessity.

With a gift to the Rotunda Campaign, you will enhance their STEAM education by providing first class facilities and creating an environment where Rutgers Prep girls and boys can be inspired to imagine a career in the sciences.

Recognition Opportunities:

Naming of the STEAM center ~ $250,000 (secured)

Laboratories (3) ~ $100,000 each

LS/MS STEAM Classroom ~ $50,000 (secured)

Physics Lab Classroom ~ $50,000

Work Stations (10) ~ $10,000

Pillar Sponsors - Names of donors of $5,000 or more supporting the Rotunda Campaign will be recognized on the design of the central Rotunda Pillar.

Contact Susan Gantz to make a contribution to
The Rotunda Campaign for STEAM Education at RPS
or for more information at or 732/545-5600 ext. 222

Project Details

Construct 2 biology laboratories from three of the four classrooms located in the Rotunda area of the Academic Building for use by Upper School Students.

Create 1 classroom located in the Rotunda area as a Makerspace/STEAM studio for use by Lower and Middle School Students.

Build 1 chemistry laboratory in the space vacated by biology curriculum in the Academic Building for use by Upper School Students.

Renovate 1 existing chemistry laboratory in the Academic Building for use by Upper School Students.

We have an opportunity to create an academic environment worthy of future doctors, chemists, biologists, engineers and innovators. Worthy of our students.

Worthy of Rutgers Prep.

“The new lab/class design will allow us to maximize the advantages of our block schedule by allowing us to move seamlessly from theory to hands-on experience and back again. This will enhance the learning experience for our students and better prepare them for careers in science.”

Valerie Pierce, Ph.D.
Upper School Science Teacher