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5th Grade Greek Wax Museum Brings Mount Olympus to RPS

5th Grade Greek Wax Museum Brings Mount Olympus to RPS

This morning, our Lower Gym could easily have been mistaken for Mount Olympus, the home of the ancient Greek gods, during the 5th Grade Greek Wax Museum.

Our fifth graders, having recently completed an exploration of Ancient Greece, delved deep into the lore of gods and goddesses and took on the task of embodying a key figure from Greek mythology for this project. Each student crafted a narrative, designed an informative poster, and ingeniously assembled props relevant to their chosen mythological character for their presentations, which were made entirely in the first person. 

In addition to the captivating museum exhibits, the festivities extended to include Greek-inspired Olympic activities and a delectable luncheon featuring dishes reminiscent of Greece. Even during math class, the students managed to incorporate the theme by baking mouthwatering Greek orange cookies, known as koulourakia

Congratulations to the entire Fifth Grade on a job well done and an event truly fit for the gods!