Architecture II Students Showcase Work in Gallery Critiques

Architecture II Students Showcase Work in Gallery Critiques

Students in Architecture II held gallery critiques on November 6th and 7th, inviting faculty and parents to learn about their work and provide valuable feedback.

The students had been tasked with generating two conceptual designs to improve Baldwin Hall, a space used by all divisions at Rutgers Prep, and particularly by the Lower and Middle Schools.

With a focus on versatility, seating, student comfort, work spaces, and aesthetics, their assignment was to create a bubble and block diagram, a fit plan, and produce three sketches for each idea.

“Having a gallery critique allows for faculty and parents to see the students' work in a comfortable setting,” said Derrick Laurion, who teaches Architecture I, II, II, IV, V, and Computer Design courses at Rutgers Prep. “For the students, it allows them the ability to explain their design multiple times. This helps them truly think about and understand their own work. It also helps bring out the problem areas that may need more attention."

The Architecture II students will use the feedback they received – a critical component of architecture and design – to move forward with their work. “The ideas that I saw had a nice range and the overall practicality of them is well done,” said Laurion. “They will be continuing with the Baldwin Hall project and shortly move into final design drawings.”