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Dr. Loy Featured in Cover Story of Oesis Network Magazine

Dr. Loy was recently featured in the cover story of OESIS Network magazine, the monthly publication of the OESIS Network, a faculty-focused nationwide innovation network of 600+ schools and thousands of teachers which seeks "catalyze change in the learning models of schools with an emphasis on the innovative practices in pedagogy, curriculum development, 21st-century assessment and school culture change."

The article, entitled "A New Breed of Trust-Focused Leaders Building Capacity for the Future," is a profile of Dr. Loy, including an interview about his early career, as well as his leadership approach to supporting DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) initiatives at Rutgers Prep.

From the article: "Steve was the first Head in our network who had decided on community emotional readiness for a new systemic plan around DEI, with its mission-appropriate form as a pre-requisite."

Read the full article on the OESIS Network website.