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Element-ary Education: Kindergarten Scientists Put Weather on Their Radar

Element-ary Education: Kindergarten Scientists Put Weather on Their Radar

Kindergarten students at Rutgers Prep are natural scientists, and their curiosity and creativity are nurtured through engaging science experiments and activities. By providing hands-on experiences that encourage exploration and discovery, students develop foundational knowledge in science and build essential skills that will serve them throughout their lives.

“Ask a Kindergartener the names of some of their bones, or how a lightbulb turns on, and you may be surprised that they know the answers,” said Kindergarten Teacher Amy Merges. Throughout the year, RPS Kindergarteners explore various science topics. In January and February, students spent a lot of time learning about the weather. They learned how to use a thermometer to measure the temperature, and discovered that water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. They observed how heated water turns into vapor and how ice melts when heated. These experiences helped them develop an understanding of the different states of matter and how they can change.

Through experiments and observations, they also learned how to predict when snow will melt based on the temperature. In addition to building knowledge, Kindergarten students used these topics in science as a way to develop their creative writing skills, imagining funny reasons why their snowmen would melt, like taking it on a trip to Florida or putting it in the dryer!

Groundhog Day provided an opportunity for students to learn about light and shadows. They discovered that light can go through some objects and that sometimes an object blocks the light and creates a shadow. By using flashlights and objects to create shadows, they also practiced their tracing and cutting skills.

The benefits of science in Kindergarten at Rutgers Prep go beyond just building knowledge and skills. By encouraging curiosity, perseverance, and critical thinking, students develop a strong foundation for future learning. They learn to ask questions, explore the world around them, and solve problems in a way that is engaging, fun, and meaningful.

By providing opportunities for exploration and discovery, Kindergarten students at Rutgers Prep are able to build a strong foundation for future learning, and develop a lifelong love of science.