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Empowering Educators: Wellness Day for Faculty at Rutgers Prep

Empowering Educators: Wellness Day for Faculty at Rutgers Prep

As part of the Faculty Orientation program, Rutgers Prep's Health and Wellness Department dedicated an entire morning on Thursday, August 31 to provide our valued faculty and staff with a valuable opportunity–to momentarily step away from their formal preparations for the school year and instead focus on enhancing their overall well-being, encompassing physical, mental, and emotional aspects.

This wellness-focused morning featured an impressive array of 19 different workshops, each conveniently organized into hour-long seminars across three session blocks. The topics covered were diverse, ranging from invigorating "Hip Hop/Latin Fusion" dance classes to vital discussions on "Supporting Students’ Mental Health as Educators" (see below for a comprehensive list of the offerings on Wellness Day).

Each seminar was thoughtfully prepared and delivered by one of our dedicated RPS Faculty members–we extend our heartfelt gratitude for their commitment to supporting their colleagues in this endeavor. We also commend the organizational leadership of the Health and Wellness Department, whose efforts were instrumental in making Wellness Day a resounding success!

Wellness Day Sessions:
• Yoga - Stress Release in Three Ways
• Clay, Ceramics, and Beyond
• Nutrition and You
• Cultivating Playfulness
• Mindfulness/Compassion Meditation and Discussion
• Bloomberg Terminal
• Supporting Students’ Mental Health as Educators
• Hip Hop/Latin Fusion
• Line Dance
• HIIT Workout
• Understanding Our LGBTQIA+ Youth
• Fitness on the Towpath
• Cybersecurity
• Infant and Child CPR/Choking Rescue Device
• Stop the Bleed
• Locations and Use of Emergency Equipment on Campus
• Mindful Art Journaling
• Get Curious, Not Furious: Working More Effectively with Dysregulated Students
• ADHD and Autism in the Classroom