Jayden Jenkins ’24 Wins Summer Scholarship at The University Of Maryland, College Park

Jayden Jenkins, a rising junior at Rutgers Preparatory School, has been awarded a full scholarship to the 2022 Telluride Association Summer Seminar at the University of Maryland, College Park, Artist as Activist: Black Literature and Visual Art in the 20th Century. This six­week-long educational program is centered around a college-level seminar for promising and highly motivated high school sophomores and juniors in the areas of Critical Black Studies and Anti-Oppressive Studies.

Admission to TASS is highly selective. Teachers and guidance counselors first nominate promising students for candidacy to TASS. After completing a rigorous application and submitting an academic recommendation and transcript, TASS finalists are selected from the already competitive group of applicants. Each candidate receives a personal interview by an associate or member of the Telluride Association board, after which a central committee selects the scholarship recipients. There are no costs: tuition is free, and participants will receive books and other materials.

Telluride Association is an independent not-for-profit educational organization that has offered Summer Programs to high school students of exceptional promise since 1954.

Congratulations, Jayden!