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Middle School STEAM Students Create Tabletop Games, Receive Design Feedback from Lower Schoolers

The STEAM program at Rutgers Prep combines Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics to create projects and a process that promotes collaborative skills, an inquiry mindset, dialogue among learners, and critical thinking skills. Seventh and eighth grade students in our Middle School STEAM class recently designed and built tabletop games, with the intention of bringing joy to the Lower School students.

In the planning stages, they thought about strategy, objectives, rules, aesthetics, feedback, and rewards. Then, each group planned and built their game. Next, second and third grade students got to play the homemade games. Not only did they have a great time, but the student-testers also rated the games and provided feedback through survey questions. This was a wonderful way to give students in Lower School a voice and an opportunity to provide insight and ideas to the Middle Schoolers. For the Middle Schoolers, it was an opportunity to receive feedback and think about how they hear it as creators and how they could incorporate it as designers. In the end, there was one game that took first place (Knockey Hockey) and the rest received honorable mentions. Congratulations to all the game creators and players!

"Go Strike"

"Two Cross"


"Knockey Hockey"