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Second Graders Practice Presentation Skills with Penguin Project

Second Graders Practice Presentation Skills with Penguin Project

The recent cold weather has provided the perfect backdrop for the second graders at Rutgers Prep to dive into their big penguin project. This exciting science project connects learning across multiple different subjects. Students have been working hard to create life-size penguins in STEAM class with Mrs. Miller, while also learning about penguins' characteristics, habitats, and fun facts during Library time with Ms. Printon.

One of the most significant aspects of this project is that it has allowed second-grade students to showcase their strengths in group work, independent work, creativity, and presentation skills. Through the process, they also learned the valuable lesson that practice makes progress, and there is no such thing as perfect.

Apart from constructing life-size penguins, students created a slideshow that they presented to the Junior Kindergarten class, modeling the importance of working together and presenting to an audience for their younger buddies. The students learned about six different types of penguins, including the blue fairy penguin, the emperor penguin, the chinstrap penguin, the macaroni penguin, the crested penguin, and the king penguin. They also delved into different aspects of penguins, such as their size, habitat, appearance, and diet.

The highlight of the presentation was undoubtedly the fun facts that students had learned about penguins. The second graders have displayed their penguin projects outside the STEAM room so that all Lower School students can admire their hard work. It has been heartening to see students of all grade levels appreciate and admire the penguins.