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Class of 2024 Eager to Be Back on Campus at Senior Retreat

Class of 2024 Eager to Be Back on Campus at Senior Retreat

Who comes back to school EARLY?

As it turns out, at Rutgers Prep lots of people come back early, including the entire senior class! 

Rutgers Prep has a longstanding tradition of asking seniors to dedicate some time before classes start to a serious consideration of their college search and application process. Building off several optional “Jump In” workshops in June, as well as additional workshops over the summer, the RPS College Counseling team coordinates an annual all-day on-campus retreat for the senior class. The program is dedicated to helping ensure that our seniors are all fully prepared to “hit the ground running” when it comes to their college process. 

In this year’s morning sessions, the Class of 2024 rotated through three workshops designed to help each senior make significant progress on their college process. These workshops provided tips and strategies related to essay writing, workflow, and organization. Students were also able to connect their Common App accounts with Rutgers Prep's electronic document submission system and participated in a mock admissions committee exercise designed to give them an "inside look" at the admissions selection process. 

This year, the retreat closed with a high-energy interactive workshop with acclaimed drummer Josh Robinson, whose compelling origin story served as an engaging opportunity for students to think about how their journeys will be impacted by their gifts and personal values. Josh encouraged the use of words and rhythm to keep wellness and self-care at the center of their college process. (You can learn more about Josh Robinson on his website:

With 111 students, the RPS Class of 2024 is among the largest in school history; when Josh distributed a pair of hardwood drumsticks to each of them as a part of his workshop, it’s possible that a new decibel record was achieved in the Rutgers Prep band room! We look forward to keeping that positive energy going as this year’s seniors bring their best selves to the important work ahead.