Tech Talk With Mrs. Conroy: Make Your Own Merge Cube

Rutgers Prep students in Alicia Conroy’s Technology class are already very familiar with hands-on learning in virtual and augmented reality environments. Now, they have the opportunity to experiment, learn, and interact with these tools at home (and so do you!).

In the video below, Mrs. Conroy will describe how to build your own Merge Cube which, when printed and assembled at home, allows you to hold virtual 3D objects, enabling an entirely new way to learn and interact with the digital world.

A variety of apps are available for free or by purchase through the Merge Miniverse, each with a different theme ranging from games and puzzles to story-based apps, the arts, and the sciences.

When you’re ready to print your Merge Cube at home, click here for instructions.

The following video is part of a larger series being shared with parents of students in our Lower School on a range of topics, including STEAM, Tech, Art, and Music, to help our youngest students stay active and engaged during and after the school day while we temporarily engage in this period of remote learning.


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