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Two RPS Students Tapped for Teen Vogue Web Series

Sammie Scott, Rutgers Prep Class of 2011 and current social media manager at Teen Vogue, knows where to turn for a wide range of adolescent outlooks. Having attended RPS for middle and upper school, Sammi maintains close ties to our campus, corresponding with former teachers and even presenting at School Council’s Career Night showcase this past year. When Ms. Scott reached out to assistant principal Eireann Corrigan with an opportunity for our sixteen-year-old girls to be featured in a Teen Vogue video series, it was a special, but not unexpected opportunity. Our students, many of whom heard Ms. Scott speak on campus in January, clamored to be considered. Out of the almost twenty sixteen-year-old young women in our Upper School, Teen Vogue chose two to travel into New York City for filming: sophomore Kaylah Holmes and junior Tylan Porterfield. 

Tylan Porterfield on set at Teen Vogue

The video team at Teen Vogue interviewed Kaylah and Tylan about a myriad of topics, including climate change, bullying, social media, mental health, racism, sexism, and other pressures facing adolescents today. Kaylah tells us, “It was a very different experience for me because I hadn’t done an on-camera interview before but it was exciting to be able to share my POV. I felt like what I said was important and it made me happy knowing other people will hear what I have to say.”

Tylan adds, “I had so much fun and let them know I would love to do things like this in the future.” We hope that Ms. Scott and her colleagues at Teen Vogue continue to give our students airtime. We look forward to viewing the video series on the magazine’s YouTube channel; the first episode aired last week. While we are glad to see our students connecting with an audience, we are thrilled to see an alumna connecting to our current students and reminding them that world outside of RPS is waiting for them, eager to hear their perspectives.