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Upper School Black Student Union Presents Live Wax Museum

Upper School Black Student Union Presents Live Wax Museum

Just prior to spring break, the Upper School Black Student Union organized a “Live Wax Museum” to celebrate Black History Month, which featured students dressed as famous Black historical figures, as well as presentations on the history of Black music, the Black Panther Party, and fashion through the decades.

The Rutgers Prep Black Student Union (BSU) is an organization that seeks to provide a platform for students to discuss issues, accomplishments, and current events related to race and identity in the Black community. “We seek to educate our community and encourage everyone to make a positive difference in our school and world,” said Jordy Atkins ’23, one of the BSU presidents. “The Black Student Union is open to everyone and anyone – during meetings we have deep and important conversations, listen and learn from our peers and other sources, and expand our knowledge. We also celebrate our accomplishments and look to have an enjoyable experience together as we often play games such as Black trivia,” said Atkins.

The museum, which was visited by students and faculty in the Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools, aimed to bring to life the stories and achievements of Black people who have made significant contributions to society. The students worked with club advisor Mrs. Young and other faculty members to organize the event, which required selecting the historical figures to represent, ensuring accuracy and respectfulness in their portrayal, and bringing the figures to life through costumes, props, and speeches. “The members of BSU hope that the wax museum will help to generate Black awareness through an event that is fun and interactive to be a part of,” said Cameron Piggeé ’23, another of the BSU’s presidents. “The wax museum stands as an event that creates a sense of unity by bringing people together of all ages, fostering a spirit of cooperation and collaboration. Furthermore, the event promotes community engagement and social interaction, providing an opportunity for people to connect with each other and enjoy themselves,” said Piggeé.

The students' dedication and hard work in bringing the historical figures to life through costumes, props, and speeches were remarkable, and the event was a fun and interactive way for members of the RPS community of all ages to connect, learn, and celebrate.
Take a look at the photos below and see how many figures you recognize in the Live Wax Museum!