Alumni Day 2019

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Ishan P., RPS 2025

Artist FAQ's

I am an alum artist. How can I display on campus on Alumni Day?

If you are attending on-campus festivities on May 11th we welcome you to bring up to three pieces of artwork to display. It is imperative that you bring and take home your art with you on that Saturday.

If you are unable to attend on-campus festivities but want to display artwork on May 11th, we are accepting high-resolution images of your work via email or on the Alumni Day registration form. If you are unable to successfully upload your artwork on the registration form please email Genevieve at

Can I sell my work?

If you are on-campus, yes! You are responsible for all monetary transactions.

Of course, your work does not have to be for sale.

If you are not present on campus on Alumni Day, we are not able to sell your work for you. You are welcome to share your website and contact information if your pieces are in fact for sale so that visiting alumni are able to contact you directly.

Art there limits on the number of pieces I can display?

If you are displaying physical items (i.e. bringing a painting or sculpture to campus) then, yes! Three is the maximum number of pieces due to space limitations.

If you prefer to share your work electronically there is not a limit, but be mindful that your work will be displayed on a changing digital display, and an excess of pieces could limit how many are viewed.

What is the arrival time for alumni artists displaying on campus on Alumni Day?

10:00 am! Please arrive on campus at 10:00 am and check in to the registration area in the Music Building.

If I am displaying work at Alumni Day but cannot attend what is the deadline that my high-resolution photos need to be submitted?

April 26, 2019

How will my work be displayed?

We have a few easels at our disposal, however, if you have some, please bring them along. If your work requires special accommodations, please let us know.

We will have computer display monitors for a digital slideshow. If you submit multiple pieces, your work may be shown on a loop due to space limitations.