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Aid Newsletter

Dear Members of the Rutgers Prep Community,

Advocates for Inclusion and Diversity (AID) has been an active Faculty Committee for a few years that has been primarily focused on providing workshops and resources to explore, gain an understanding of, and help faculty minimize implicit and explicit bias. We pledge to continue that work to guide our school community, as we continually strive to create a more inclusive school environment. From its inception AID’s Mission has been “to harness the strengths that reside in our community’s diversity - including race, gender, ability, ethnicity, religion, financial circumstance, geography, and sexual orientation - to inspire faculty and students to become advocates of social justice.”

We acknowledge and commend our students, faculty, parents, and alumni who are demonstrating their ability to lead and be agents for change through their active participation in peaceful protests and marches.

AID stands with the belief of being steadfast and united against injustice, inequality, and racism. We understand that Black Lives Matter is not merely a tagline. We are committed to engaging in ongoing dialogue to demonstrate that Black Lives Matter.

With the full support of our Head of School, we acknowledge and condemn the systemic racism and injustice in our country that has resulted in the recent murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd. We pledge that RPS continues to be an anti-racist institution, understanding that to be an anti-racist institution is about far more than race.

As an anti-racist institution, RPS must be an advocate for justice, equality, and freedom and must work to address unjust systems that disproportionately impact communities of color as we seek to provide justice and equity for everyone.

Throughout the summer, AID is meeting, and to help inform our efforts, our first summer project will be to survey current families and alumni. We are continuing to curate a library of resources for students, faculty, parents, and alumni that will help to inform us all.

Rutgers Prep is here for you. We take our role in the RPS Community with sincerity and conscious intent. Please feel free to reach out directly to Dr. Loy as Head of School, or to us at We welcome any comments, questions, suggestions, materials, and perspectives you wish to share with us, and thank you in advance for your partnership.


Advocates for Inclusion and Diversity

Rutgers Preparatory School