Parents Association

Our Goals Are:

To provide service to the RPS School Community. To provide increased opportunities for parents to get to know one another.
To raise funds which are donated to Rutgers Preparatory School for the benefit of the students.

To encourage and promote social activities for the students and their families.

To publicize Rutgers Preparatory School. To provide service to the general community.

September 2019

Dear Parents,

On behalf of the Parents’ Association I would like to welcome you to the 2019-2020 school year. As a parent of a Rutgers Preparatory School student, you are automatically a member of the Parents’ Association.

The Parents’ Association offers social interaction and networking among RPS parents, as well as several opportunities to enhance our children’s experiences through enrichment and extracurricular activities. Collectively we strive to help parents feel connected to the RPS community.

The Parents’ Association Board includes Vice Presidents for each division and a Grade Rep for each individual grade. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding the PA and we offer you the opportunity to work with us.

All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend any or all of the five scheduled PA meetings. These meeting dates and the PA Directory can be found in this packet and on the RPS website under the PA Link.

We look forward to meeting you at the PA meetings or one of our events. Feel free to contact me or one of the other PA Board Members if you have any questions.

Warm Regards,
Stacey P. Murray, President
Rutgers Preparatory School Parents’ Association

PA Directory


Stacey Murray
Charmaine, 12th

Upper School Vice President
Michelle Babb-Smith
Jaiden, 12th; Madissen, 9th

Middle School Vice President
Maxine Marshall
Joshua, 6th

Lower School Vice President
Kate Stewart
George, 6th; Parker, 3rd

Alise Pagano
Arthur, 6th

Wendy Castles
Katie, 9th; Thomas, 7th


Upper School Grade Representatives

12th Grade
Helen Williams
Taylor, 12th; Grace, 8th

11th Grade
Jyothi Aravindakshan
Shreya, 11th

10th Grade
Dariel Marius
Louis, 10th

9th Grade
Darlene Repollet
Lauryn, 12th; Taylor, 9th

Middle School Grade Representatives

8th Grade
Jody Turco
Will, 9th; Maggie, 8th

7th Grade
Felicia Hines
Ethan, 6th

6th Grade
Sheri Levine-Shea
Kayla Shea, 6th

Lower School Grade Representatives

5th Grade
Tara Jordan-McKinney
Daniel, 5th; Ethan, 2nd

4th Grade
Meredith Santowasso
Annalyse, 8th; DJ, 4th

3rd Grade
Paul Ortolano
Micah Stowe, 3rd

2nd Grade
Gwen Anderson
Elara, 2nd

1st Grade
Vanessa Deyhle
Juliana, 3rd; Nicholas, 1st


Ana Boraie
Sara, 3rd; Gabrielle, 1st; Sofia, JK

Pre- K

PA Calendar

PA Calendar