Quick Facts About Rutgers Prep

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Rutgers Prep teachers who have advanced degrees

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Coding-specific tools used by students starting in Grade 3
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Maximum altitude (in feet) reached by 7th grade rockets
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Upper School classes with 16 or fewer students
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Hours of community service performed by Upper School students last year

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State, sectional, and county championships won by our athletic teams in the last five years

Discover and Pursue Your Passions

Our dedicated and high quality teachers are committed to our students’ intellectual, creative, physical, social, and moral growth.

Leslee Atiram
Amy Smith
Leslee Atiram
Amy Smith

Mary Kay Papa

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Through hands-on, experience based learning, Mrs. Papa helps our youngest students to develop a love of learning, become more independent, and prepare to move forward in their academic lives.

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Stephen Mitchell

Middle School History and World Language Teacher

By engaging in thoughtful, creative, and interesting lessons about a variety of subjects, Mr. Mitchell provides his students with the tools and skills that will help them to be successful for years to come. He also makes a mean jambalaya.

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Pablito Lake

Chair of the Computer Education Program, Upper School Computer Science Teacher

In addition to teaching one of Rutger Prep's three post-Advanced-Placement courses (Advanced Software Design), Mr. Lake's students have developed two mobile apps for the United Nations.

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Nishita Desai

Upper School Science Teacher

Before joining Rutgers Prep, Mrs. Desai was a practicing cancer biologist at UMDNJ, specializing in prostate cancer research. She recently partnered Rutgers Prep with NASA to assist in their effort to conduct research on soil moisture worldwide.

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Our well-rounded Academics+ approach (academics, sports, arts and citizenship) nourishes the whole child.

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Kids Who Code

Students start learning to code in Grade 3 at Rutgers Prep, and they might not stop until completing our Post-AP Advanced Software Design class in the Upper School. Giving them access to cutting edge tools and technologies keeps us at the forefront of tech education.

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Our Alumni Lead With Confidence

"Any time I talk about my grade school and high school experience I always go back and say RPS trained me so extremely well for what I went on to do in life. When I got to college at Johns Hopkins, I realized Rutgers Prep really gave me the tools to succeed."
– Violette Renard Recinos '94, M.D.; Section Head, Pediatric Neurosurgery, Cleveland Clinic

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Champion Spirit

With 22 state, sectional, and county championships won by our athletic teams in the last five years, our student athletes exceed expectations in and out of the classroom.

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Lower School Steam Students


S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) students in Grades 1-5 tackle such global challenges as oil spills, bridge construction, and sink holes.

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Advanced Placement

With 21 Advanced Placement course offerings and roughly 60 student organizations in the Upper School, our students pursue their passions both in and outside of the classroom.

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Ideas cannot be fenced in. They tend to creep out, explode and create. Rutgers Prep students are creative, intellectually curious, and have the desire to make new connections. At the first-ever TEDxRutgersPrep event, students created a unique gathering in their community that unleashed new ideas, inspired and informed.

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University Acceptances

Every student travels a unique road to success. At Rutgers Prep, it’s our job to help pre-kindergarteners through high-schoolers find the paths that inspire them.

Whether their goals are big, hairy and audacious, or quiet and personal, the results will amaze you. We are dedicated to helping students become their best selves.
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